Man Power Agency Chennai, Top Consultancy Chennai

Man Power Agency Chennai, Top Consultancy Chennai


Chennai consultancy is one among the best recruitment companies located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It acts as a very big treasure for the job seekers because it provides quality manpower service not only to the job seekers but also to the employers since 2009. Our main focus is to offer free manpower service to jobseekers who may be either a fresher or an experienced candidate. We provide job offers both in IT and non IT sectors. Our main aim is to become India’s No.1 company in the field of recruitment. ICICI, Reliance, CTS, TCS, Wipro, TVS Groups, LIC, BPOs and KPOs and non ITs are some examples of India’s Leading Companies we work with. We also have a record which says around 95% of our work has succeeded so far in providing appropriate candidate to the appropriate company.


                Our team members are very young, energetic and talented and hence they work in such a way that they minimise the efforts of the clients and also ensure maximum satisfaction. Our team clearly understands the requirements of our clients since our team members have a good expertise and sound knowledge of their work. Our Motto is “Provide Quality Service and Receive Customer Satisfaction”.


                Our main process is to screen the right candidate from a large group of candidates, according to the requirements of our clients. Screening is done on the basis of many criteria which are given below

  • Domain knowledge
  • Educational Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Salary negotiations
  • Conduct Certificate
  • Relieving order from the previous company
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Family background


                To provide talented and capable candidates to the employers and to ensure extremely resourceful job for the candidate.


  • To make each and every client as our regular customer by providing them a successful and satisfied service.
  • To work as a channel partner in fulfilling their openings at the right time.

Why Chennai Consultancy is unique?

  1. Large number of clients
  2. Various industries
  3. Huge Resource
  4. Expertise team
  5. Regional support

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